Clare Crines



Róisín Gallagher

Róisín has recently graduated from Stirling University with a BA (Hons) in art and design. She is an installation artist whose practice mainly involves found objects and documentation projects. She is passionate about art and working with artists and is keen to gain experience within the professional art world, curation and the administration that comes with running a gallery. Róisín has volunteered with Six Foot Gallery since June. Here’s a link to her artist website.

Hannah Lyth

Hannah is a BA (Hons) Graduate of Painting and Printmaking from The Glasgow School of Art. Currently, she is an Elected Artist Member of The Glasgow Art Club and a Member of The Glasgow Print Studio and continues to work on her creative practice focusing on watercolour and printmaking. She has volunteered here since June 2017 and is interested in learning the administration and ongoing life behind a gallery in contrast to being an exhibitor. Hannah is also keen to work with artists both locally and internationally to help provide the opportunity that The Six Foot gallery provides in giving emerging artists a platform to exhibit their work. Here’s a link to her artist website.

Melissa Smyth

Melissa is working on her BA (Hons) Modern Languages in Edinburgh and has been working at Six Foot Gallery since September 2017.

Jenna Meek

Jenna has a MA (hons) degree in English Literature and History of Art from the University of Glasgow, and focused particularly on German art in the inter-war period and modernist photography during her studies. Curating and gallery management appeal to Jenna as she has a keen attitude towards education, art and the creativity allowed in the development of exhibitions and festivals. Jenna believes strongly in making art accessible and is enjoying the opportunity to aid public engagement with art in an unconventional gallery space. She has volunteered at Six Foot Gallery since September 2017.

Sarah McLaughlin

Sarah is currently studying for an Msc in Museum Studies at the University of Glasgow, having recently graduated with an MA (Hons) in History of Art and Philosophy. During her undergraduate degree she developed a particular interest in 20th century American Art and is now keen to learn more about Glasgow’s contemporary art scene.

Sally Mairs

Sally recently graduated from the University of Brighton with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art, specialising in drawing and painting. She works independently between Glasgow and Edinburgh, with a focus on illustrative drawing, paper arts and printmaking, selling her works online. As well as focusing on her creative practice, Sally intends to learn about the inner workings of an independent gallery so as to help provide a platform as well as a space for creative collaboration for contemporary artists. Here’s a link to her artist website.

Rebecca Gallacher

Rebecca is a BA (Hons) Graduate of Fine Art from Duncan of Jordanstone (DJCAD), where she specialised in expressive contemporary painting on a large scale. Since graduating from art school, she has been globe-trotting and teaching in Spain where she continued to develop her creative practice and began documenting her travels for creative purposes. Rebecca is passionate about community engagement and feels the arts is an essential platform to use to connect with the public. She is keen to understand the inner workings of a gallery and to help to make the arts more accessible.